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About Our Center

The End Result Tutoring centers will come to your home in West Hills or you can get a discount if choose to have your tutoring done at our Woodland Hills center.

We provide tutoring, homework help and test prep for students attending Chaminade, Chatsworth High, Agoura High, Sierra Canyon, Kadima, West Valley Christian, St Bernardine’s, Hale, Pomello, Welby, to name a few.

This Center Features:
  1. All Subject Tutoring & AP Course Test Preparation
  2. All Standardized Test Preparation.
  3. SAT Boot Camp
  4. Homework A to Z Unlimited
  5. Homeschooling Help
  6. Math Booster Classes
  7. Test Taking Anxiety Workshop
  8. Proctored Tests
Tutoring available at our center or in your home:
  1. Agoura Hills
  2. Chatsworth
  3. Canoga Park
  4. Hidden Hills
  5. Las Villas
  6. Reseda
  7. Vista Point
  8. Westridge
  9. Winnetka


  • Free Wifi
  • Quiet Testing Rooms
  • Quiet Homework Place
  • Workbooks Included with Program Enrollment

Schools in West Hills California

West Hills High School, Laguna Hills High School, Trabuco Hills High School, de Toledo High School, Chaminade High School, Hale Charter Academy, West Valley Christian School.

Center Hours:

Contact Name: Amber C.
Contact Email: scheduling@theendresult.com
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Our tutoring center in West Hills can assist students of different ages and levels.

Looking for a great West Hills Tutor? We've worked with hundreds of local students, so we understand what it takes to be successful nearby here.

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